Innovation Starts Here...

We are Africa’s leading innovation hub focused on solving the continent's biggest challenges by supporting an ecosystem of — Startups, Investors, Corporations, Mentors, and Social Enterprises.

10,000 square metre of purpose built innovation spaces

Why Innovate?

Only organisations that constantly challenge what they do, challenge themselves to come up with new and different ways of doing things, and also constantly improve on things that they already do will survive in this new globally competitive environment.

Innovations out of the Zone Tech Park

Google Developers' Conference at The Zone Tech Park
Our 200+ workspace enables start-ups innovate, network and grow faster.

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Innovation Lab at The Zone Tech Park
Innovation Labs
Our 20+ corporate innovation labs are created for revolutionary thinking.

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Innovation Lab at The Zone Tech Park
The Zone Lab
Prototype and test new concepts that would have near term impact.

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Google Developers' Conference at The Zone Tech Park
Innovation Assets
We deploy numerous assets in guiding businesses through innovation process.

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Building Foundations for Africa's New Economy

Our goal is to engage ordinary Africans in the search of innovative solutions to typical problems of unemployment, power and energy, education, insecurity, corruption, food shortage, lack of finance and data management.

Our Partners

We collaborate with established corporations looking to innovate like start-ups and start-ups looking to scale like established corporations by providing tools needed to help transform ideas into successful innovations.